Crime Prevention

The El Mirage Police Department wants to help our community protect their valuables and vehicles from theft. The majority of these crimes are crimes of opportunity. Thieves want to make a fast entry and exit and look for unlocked vehicles to get the items they can easily steal. While there is no foolproof way to prevent a thief or burglar from getting what they want, there are steps a person can take to protect their valuables.

Annually, a large percentage of vehicle thefts and burglaries reported to the El Mirage Police Department were the result of vehicles being left unlocked. Nobody looks to be a victim of crime, but you can help reduce your risk in becoming a victim by following these steps:

Block Watch signWatch Your Car Program
  • Lock all doors and windows of any unattended vehicle.
  • Park your vehicle in your garage if you have one. If you park in a garage, lock your vehicle and make sure the garage door is closed.
  • Do not keep anything (wallets, purses, backpacks etc.) containing personal identification information in your vehicle (drivers licenses, credit cards, checks, any documents with social security numbers etc.) This will help protect you from being a victim of identity theft.
  • Do not keep a spare set of car keys in your vehicle. This will prevent additional vehicle thefts.
  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle. This includes garage door openers that could allow burglars access to your home.
  • If valuables must be left in the vehicle, secure them in a locked trunk.
  • Consider installing security cameras at your residence.
  • Consider joining the Arizona Automobile Theft Authority’s Watch Your Car Program. Click here to apply.

Block Watch Program

Team up with your neighbors and commit to looking out for each other, reporting suspicious activity to the police and each other. Criminals are less likely to commit crimes in areas where they feel they are being watched. The EMPD provides Block Watch training classes every quarter to assist with information and implementation. Contact Community Policing Specialist Bryan Dezso for further information or 623-500-3026.

Remember, if it can be seen, it can be taken! Crime Prevention starts with you!

To report any suspicious activity contact the El Mirage Police Department at 623-933-1341